We want you to come out on top! For sure. But, we may have misled you with the title there a little bit. This post will actually talk about the different men or women you’ll encounter when you’re on the battlefield of love. You could go Jay Sean and be like, “I’m fighting for this girl on a battlefield of love. Don’t it look like baby cupid sendin’ arrows from above.” Anyways, if you’re freestyling in the dating pool this 2016 and the upcoming 2017, chances are you’ve already had a date or two. However, they didn’t work out, so you’re back where you started and see where you went wrong. This is quite difficult to see, no doubt, as you never know why things ever don’t work out. Is it because of you or the other people or simply they aren’t your destiny? Well, to tell you straight out, there are just too many to choose from. That’s why it’s difficult.

Imagine one dating site is competing with another lot of dating sites. In your immediate region, you can use Tinder (or Grindr depending on preference), OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish, eHarmony and even Match.com. You see how many choices you already have? But, with Russian dating sites, there are also a lot of sites to choose from. However, Russian Dating Info can help take away those sketchy and scam looking girls and provide you real and potential mates.

Since the dating pools have been plagued with scammers with a bit of good dates but didn’t work out, it’s best to have Forrest Gump on your side saying, “Online dating is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get … and be sure to watch out for nuts.”

And, even if you’re not new to online dating or you’re new to online dating, maybe you need to realize the profiles that will fit you. You can’t simply just look at the aesthetics of a girl on a photo. You’ll have to go deeper than looks when you want to find a successful relationship. This especially goes for online dating. So, check these possible profiles you’ll encounter or might’ve encountered throughout your online dating journey.

  1. The Profile Professional

It comes with a perfectly posed profile photo with the quick and complete self-description in bullet points. You’re unsure whether or not this person wants to apply to a job or looking for a date. Keep in mind that if their profile gives you a hard sell, you should give them a hard pass because anyone who oversells themselves won’t probably give you as much as he says he would.

  1. Mr./Ms. Monosyllable


Yep. This used to be common until someone figured out to help these people to actually put more information on their profile. However, you might be shortchanging yourself if you agree to chat with these types of people are you might get the same thing, a “hi.” It isn’t fun when you’ve been looking for something, I mean someone, more interesting.

  1. The U-Hauler

This is actually a running joke for most lesbian couples. Well, it’s usually because it’s so difficult to find another lesbian in the world. But, this also happens to regular people on a daily basis of online dating. So, it starts with this person being all nice and normal. You two hit it off during the first meeting, so texting and calling may ensue afterwards. Then, you’re going to be Facebook friends, then a van in your driveway with all their stuff. Sometimes, you’ll even have your future kids named after your father. Not scaring you or anything but there are people who move fast in a relationship. If you ever get one of these, you should definitely let them down as gently as possible and move on because they’re prone to expecting too much too soon. And sometimes, you’ll find along the way that you two aren’t really meant for each other. But, it’s better earlier than slaving away at a relationship you didn’t want in the first place.

  1. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

These are that ones that you should really look out for. The number one rule of the thumb is they probably look nothing like their profile photo when you see them in real life. There are some people who uses other people’s photos because they are catfishing, which is a form of scam sometimes. Also, it’s possible that they don’t want anyone knowing that they’re dating online. Well, you have to remember if people are willing to lie on their real appearance, there might be more lies up their sleeves.

  1. The Ghost

These are the types of people you’ll never see. When there’s chat, the person can freely express themselves and the words and conversation flow as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It makes you feel like you’ve never connected to someone the same way. This will even lead up to thoughts of this person being “the one.” But, don’t be fooled as these people will disappear without a trace. You’ll never know exactly what happened to them. Don’t be sad though, she might not have been interested. Plus, she’s someone else’s problem now.

  1. The Ladies’ Man/Woman

This type of person/profile is known by many names. The most commonly known name is “the player.” Yes, women can also become players, especially when they know that they can manipulate men.

This type knows how to charm their way through anything. They know all the right things to say and will make you feel like they’re your long lost soulmate. Furthermore, they make you feel like you’re everything the world has to offer. However, there are also about five or even a hundred others stringing along the same lines he’s told you. Don’t mess around with these people. They’re heartbreakers.

  1. The Soul Sucker Stalker

If U-Hauler love seekers had a crazy older sibling, these type would definitely be it. They fawn and grovel over you. Most often, they’re known as desperado since they are desperate for love. It makes them very clingy. Some say, clingier than a saran wrap. Although they may seem harmless, these love seekers also have a very dangerous alter ego, the Stalker.
There are more personalities out there for you to find. We didn’t add the “I’m not over my ex, but I just want to them him/her jealous” types of love seekers too. So, although there are a lot of personalities that you’ll bump into along the way of online dating, you’ll definitely find one that’ll have you as wholeheartedly as you’d have them. As we mentioned earlier, go out into the battlefield of love and fight for the girl you think is righteous to be your partner.