How does the attraction formula work while dating Russian ladies?

According to relationship expert Stephen Hussey, the attraction formula looks like this: Visual Chemistry + Emotional Connection + Perceived Value + Perceived Challenge = Attraction But how can you apply this formula in your love life when you are looking to date Russian ladies? Let’s find it out now! Stay ready and always be prepared. Don’t save your best outfit for important occasions. Wear it today! Do it now! Manufacture visual chemistry! When you stay ready, you don’t need to [...]

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How to build a lasting commitment with a Russian bride

If you meet a Russian bride online, perhaps this relationship starts as a long-distance relationship. They key to maintain a long-distance relationship is the joint vision that you share with her. Say this to her, “I need you to be strong for me.” If this long-distance relationship is difficult for her, you should contact her every second day or so. Keep the momentum. Then you must apply a visa for her so that you can get married soon. As long [...]

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Online Dating Stigma: Why Does Online Dating Carry A Stigma?

For sure, you’re reading this because you’re either thinking about online dating. If not, then perhaps you’re already online dating, or someone has told you that online dating is wrong in a sense. However, there are also others who overheard that online dating is bad. On the other hand, some people, maybe you, have experienced this stigma. Imagine sitting in a room full of your friends and family. You done? Then, your Russian girl comes walking in, and people immediately [...]

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5 Tips To Assure A Long-Term Relationship With A Russian Woman

Having a long term relationship with a Russian woman must be one thing you’re dreaming of. If not, well it should really well be that you think about it. For sure there are a lot of tips on how to create a long-lasting relationship, but have they ever worked? Well, these tips may really just help you out into making sure that the Russian woman you’re with now or in the future will really be part of your future. The [...]

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Creepy Halloween-Themed Trips: The Creepiest Places To Visit Across America

Halloween is coming up, and we’re sure your Russian girl and you are in for some creepy fun. You’ve probably visited Chernobyl and Pripyat (and if you haven’t, why didn’t you!), and you’re ready for more creepiness. We’re publishing a series of three posts about where to go and what to do with your new Russian bride, in order to scare yourselves silly. Yes, around America, New Orleans (the hotbed of creepy things and places), and even just right from [...]

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