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Online Dating Etiquette: 5 Tips to Help You Succeed

posted on January 15th, 2019 and is filed under Dating Tips

Online Dating Etiquette: 5 Tips to Help You Succeed Online dating revolutionized how people in the world go out with others. Gone are those days where a man goes to the woman’s house and brings flowers or chocolates. Years ago, people treated online dating as taboo and something ridiculous. They ridiculed the fact that someone could find love through the internet. However, things have...

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Want a Serious Relationship? 10 Things You Need to Do Now

posted on December 24th, 2018 and is filed under Dating Tips,Relationship

serious relationship Getting into a serious relationship takes a lot of effort from both people involved. Some think about different ways of winning their partner’s heart. They begin with cooking meals, taking trips to their hometown, or going to their favorite place. Some wonder how does being in a relationship progress into a serious relationship. We share...

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6 Things You Need to Avoid on your Online Dating Profile

posted on October 31st, 2018 and is filed under Online dating

woman reading an online dating profile There’s no denying that online dating is becoming increasingly popular. It provides people with a convenient means to find the ideal match. Many  who have tried internet dating have been successful, but some are still struggling to land a date. Whether or not you have tried your luck at online dating, it would help to...

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Interracial Dating: What You Need to Know

posted on October 26th, 2018 and is filed under Dating Tips

an interracial couple Being in an interracial relationship means dating a person from a different race. Many hold the view that interracial dating doesn’t work. Whether we like it or not, culture and race play a huge part in a relationship. While interracial race dating presents challenges, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to build a lasting relationship....

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Life Partner

posted on October 22nd, 2018 and is filed under Relationship

woman marrying her life partner Choosing a life partner is a tough decision to make. It requires a lot of careful thinking and involves numerous factors to consider. Why? Because you want to make sure the marriage will work. You want to make sure you’re making the right decision. You’ve chosen the best person to spend the rest of your...

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Mistakes Couples in Long Distance Relationships Make

posted on October 8th, 2018 and is filed under Relationship

woman on the phone Long distance relationships are challenging and can be difficult to maintain. Couples who are in this type of relationship face longing and emotional loneliness. Most people come to believe that this kind of relationship does not work. There’s so much work needed to make a long distance relationship work and there are so many odds...

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15 Awesome First Date Ideas

posted on September 30th, 2018 and is filed under Dating Tips

First date ideas First dates are monumental when you want to get to know a person better. This is when you make your first impression. It’s the determining point if you two are compatible for the next level. If you need awesome first date ideas, you’re in the right place! Here are good first date ideas for you...

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5 Essential Components of Successful Dating

posted on September 21st, 2018 and is filed under Dating Tips

components of successful dating Learning about the dos and don’ts of dating can make you feel overwhelmed. Dating rules are overrated. You must be ready to invest your time and effort if you want a serious relationship. Setting a strong foundation for successful dating starts in ourselves. There are no specific rules to guarantee dating success, but there are...

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5 Relationship Killers You Are Overlooking

posted on September 17th, 2018 and is filed under Relationship

Relationship killers Some relationships stand the test of time. Some fall apart because of different reasons. There are typical relationship problems like lying, cheating, or money issues. But, nope, these are not always the reasons why. There are small relationship killers that happen every day. They take its toll on the couple after a while. To have...

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5 Tips on How to Date Russian Women After a Long Relationship

posted on September 10th, 2018 and is filed under Relationship

how to date after a long relationship Dating can be daunting when you have come out of a long-term relationship. It can be scary to once again go back to the dating scene. It can stir up a lot of emotions like anxiety, fear, and self-doubts. It’s unsettling but if you are ready to put yourself out there again, there’s no reason...

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