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Online Dating Stigma: Why Does Online Dating Carry A Stigma?

Online Dating StigmaFor sure, you’re reading this because you’re either thinking about online dating. If not, then perhaps you’re already online dating, or someone has told you that online dating is wrong in a sense. However, there are also others who overheard that online dating is bad. On the other hand, some people, maybe you, have experienced this stigma.

Imagine sitting in a room full of your friends and family. You done? Then, your Russian girl comes walking in, and people immediately have their thoughts about it, right? Wait! There’s more. You announce to them that you met this woman through an online dating site. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Well, a lot of things. This is where that stigma of online dating can hit you. Although you don’t think it’s wrong to date online (because really, it isn’t), there are people around you that see a more traditional outlook on dating. This traditional outlook on dating is focused on meeting people in your immediate surrounding somehow, and going on a date.


History of dating and online dating

In the last century, the world of dating has changed dramatically. In the more recent years, however, people argue that dating no longer exists as it has been replaced with “hooking up” or having “one-night stands.” Especially with the technology boost in the past decade, it has helped change the view of traditional dating.


Dating in the 1900s

The history of dating starts all the way back in the 1700s. To be exact, it was first noted during 1695. However, we’ll be focusing on the first decade of the 20th century. During this time, a man who fancies a woman would have to visit a woman’s home but strictly with the permission of the woman’s parents. These two would only be able to spend time with each other under parental supervision. This means there isn’t too much room for physical contact especially sexual intercourse. Seems kind of scary, right? Well, we’ve moved on from that. Thanks to the families from the lower class families who can’t entertain their male guests in their household. The term “going out on a date” was popularized because of them. This is due to the part wherein the potential suitors would spend time outside the home.

While the popularization of “going out on a date” was reaching every corner of the United States, the industrial boom hit in the 1920s. This popularized automobiles. Men from the upper class who owned cars were able to freely move, and provide more freedom on dates. This includes going out to restaurants and watching a drive in movie. But, don’t get this setup wrong as women would only accept a date invitation from men with money and gifts to offer. Plus, dating was very competitive due to the higher population of men during that time. According to history, some men had to fight for dates. Hence, it’s why a woman in some movies has a lot of suitors.

Moving on from the 1930s, the 1940s or the World War II era brought on a lack of male adults due to the war. So, women started to become less concerned with the status of the man. The women became more focused on the man’s ability to survive or at least their likelihood to survive from war. This era popularized the term “going steady.” During this time, it meant that a man would give a woman an article of his clothing that the woman can wear. This can range from anything between a jacket, a sweater, or a ring. This had a bigger implication on the relationship of the man and the woman than it did in the previous eras where the family was fully involved. In progression, many of these couples would partake in premarital sex but only within the context of a committed relationship.

The emergence of hookups only occurred during the mid-1960s. To some historians, this ended the dating era. During the 1960s, many people started to experiment with drugs like marijuana, opiates, and other things. This introduced partying while intoxicated and on psychedelic drugs. Since partying is done in large groups, people had more sexual encounters and heightened “the need for hookups” instead of relationships.


2000s and online dating

As we entered the 21st century, dating has come a long way. There terms like girlfriend, boyfriend, and partner came into play. These are the terms that are used to describe a person’s significant other. Although each era brought about a new change to the dating scene, the 21st century takes the trophy, thanks to the internet and new technology. The new technology used involves smartphones, computers, and even video chatting with someone a thousand miles away. However, these different dating styles are all still used today and in different ways at that.


Why does online dating carry a stigma?

So, it seems that even if we live in the year 2016, online dating still has a bad reputation. Is it because of the scams, jealousy, or some people who remain old-fashioned? Whatever the reason may be, online dating stigma will be difficult to shrug off. The main reasons for these stigmas are one, two, or more out of these five possible reasons:

Well, technically speaking, these people are close-minded because they haven’t experienced online dating. As someone who’s experienced online dating first-hand, it’s actually as difficult as dating someone in real life minus the awkward “I don’t think we’re going to work out” conversation in person, text, or call because well, face-to-face rejection is really difficult.

We live in the 21st century, yet we still live in a world with close-minded people. So, remember that the next time you feel embarrassed about online dating…don’t! Don’t take pity on yourself for the happiness of others just because you’re in search for true love. You are simply opening up your pool of potential dates. You know how people say that there are a lot of fish in the sea. Tell them that you’re in a pool, and you’re trying to get to the sea without leaving the pool right away.

Having a long term relationship with a Russian woman must be one thing you’re dreaming of. If not, well it should really well be that you think about it. For sure there are a lot of tips on how to create a long-lasting relationship, but have they ever worked? Well, these tips may really just help you out into making sure that the Russian woman you’re with now or in the future will really be part of your future.

The tips are actually very simply, but we’ll let you in on some more information that will help expand your knowledge as to what you should be looking out for. Long-term commitment in itself isn’t always easy. However, if you learn how to deal with everything together, you’re already one step closer to marriage than most people.

  1. Security

This is probably something you already know. You’d need to make any woman feel secure in the relationship, not just if they’re Ukrainian or Russian. This tip can be used for any woman you’re looking to have in the long run.

Have you watched movies where there’s an affair happening while the wife is at home? You know how those men were able to have those women stay? They were able to make them stay by securing them of a long-term life together.

Does the phrase “I’m going to leave me wife for you.” sound familiar? Well, this definitely insinuates that the woman the man is having an affair with feels secure. She feels secure that he will leave his wife, and they have a future together. This is similar to what you have to do.

Although we’re not saying that you have an affair per se, it’s more in the lines of making someone feel secure that you’re going to be with them in the long run and just for the short-term. In any other way, this is what you should be looking for from the get-go with women.

2. Compromise

Honestly, this is a fully loaded word. To compromise in a relationship means compromising on more than just the relationship. There are many ways to compromise. It could be used when there is an argument. However, in this case, compromise is a word that can help you learn more about each other. You can compromise by learning more about her culture as she would with yours. Furthermore, both your families can come into play by spending time with your family or hers.

Compromising is everything and anything in a relationship. Remembering that relationships aren’t only about taking “what’s yours” is important. Relationships are a two way thing with a give and take situation. No relationship will work without compromise.

Since each person has their own unique personalities, each person would also have a different set of needs. Find out what your needs are, this will help you find what you’re looking for. Knowing this will tell you what you want in a long-term relationship as well.

3. Communication

Similar to compromising, communication is the key to a healthy and long-term relationship. This doesn’t mean having a set time to talk to each other. Discussing future plans together or what your plans are individually could help create the setting for a long-term relationship. If you can’t openly and honestly talk to one another about your needs and feelings, then you two may not have a long-term relationship at hand.

Couples usually need to find some way to regularly communicate with each other while being open and direct. Furthermore, if every discussion turns into an argument, then it’s either the communication is not effective or the relationship really isn’t meant to work out.

If you’re good in the communication department, then a lot of men are probably jealous of you as this is the most difficult thing to accomplish. Communication is sometimes difficult when you’re dating online. However, there are several ways to power through that. Plus, remembering about the language barrier can help you become more open and understanding with your communication with each other.

4. Never underestimate

Don’t ever underestimate the power of love. That sounds really cliche because it really is cliche. On a more serious note, it’s actually, never underestimate trust and honesty in your relationship. These two things are important in a relationship.

How can you be with someone in a long-term relationship if you don’t trust them or you can’t be honest with them? You can’t be hiding behind a facade forever right? So, make sure that you’re comfortable being who you are. Never underestimate yourself as well.

Since you’re dating online, don’t blow things out of proportion when you find out about white lies. That’s perfectly normal to tell white lies sometimes. But, if you were to say that you’re a lawyer and you’re not, well that’s a pretty big lie to just pass through. So, focus on the big lies. This will help you know whether or not someone is even worth your time no matter how good looking they are on the outside.

5. Perfectly imperfect

This just goes to say that nobody is perfect. If you think that a beautiful body is what constitutes to perfect, well you need to get your head straight and see beyond the beauty. When looking for a potential life-long partner, beauty isn’t everything. For sure you and her both aren’t going to be perfect because nobody is perfect. If you’ve read too much into the whole marketing or Russian or Ukrainian brides being perfect, you should stop and think. Look at the bigger picture of what you want in someone you’re looking to spend the rest of your life with.

Remember that you will make mistakes that will hurt her as she will make mistakes that will hurt you. As mentioned earlier, this is something you two can compromise and communicate about. If something she does or say makes you frustrated, then let her know in a respectable but assertive way. However, once you realize that your ideal Ukrainian women will not be perfect, your road to a long and happy relationship is right where it should be. Don’t get us wrong though. This doesn’t only apply to you. It also applies to your girl, but let her know this if you have to.

Once you’ve found someone you think you want to spend the rest of your life with, check in with these 5 tips and learn a thing or two on how to make it forever.

Halloween is coming up, and we’re sure your Russian girl and you are in for some creepy fun. You’ve probably visited Chernobyl and Pripyat (and if you haven’t, why didn’t you!), and you’re ready for more creepiness. We’re publishing a series of three posts about where to go and what to do with your new Russian bride, in order to scare yourselves silly. Yes, around America, New Orleans (the hotbed of creepy things and places), and even just right from home—scaring yourselves silly through movies.

Hope you’re excited to join us as we take you through this series of vicarious trips, just as we’re excited to tell you all about these. If you can’t make these trips this month, shoot for next year! Bookmark this series, and use this as your bucket list or travel guide one of these Halloween months.

So, let’s start? Today, we’ve compiled a list of great places in the US where you could take her and have a bit of a scarefest.

Alcatraz, San Francisco, California. An American shouldn’t miss visiting the Alcatraz at least once in their lifetime. The island itself has a really rich history, and a person on the hunt for the island’s “creepy factor” will no longer be able to tell if the hair-raising feels are coming from the penitentiary, or if their source is rooted in something more deeper and more ancient. Visit the island, then have a geekfest of sorts with your girl by challenging each other to google facts and stories about the island, discussing them, and enjoying the horrific Halloween chills as you realize how far back Alcatraz’s mystery can be traced.

New Orleans. New Orleans is peaty, dark, mysterious, and has a lot of great Creole and Cajun cuisine. There’s a reason why the Queen Bey is a big fan of the city, and this Halloween, you’ll have one more reason to love it: The abundance of the creepy houses and spots in New Orleans. In fact, New Orleans is so fascinating as a “haunted city,” that we’ve compiled some of its most interesting spots in a separate article. Watch out for that, if you’re planning to choose New Orleans as your “Halloween Honeymoon” location this year or the next.

Ax Murderer And Other Creepy Houses. America is full of Ax Murderer houses and other similar spine-tingling places to visit. The Amityville House, for example, earned its fame when Jay Anson published a book about the Lutz Family’s experiences in the house. Prior to their reported strange experiences in the house, the house was witness to a gruesome massacre of the DeFeo family. The multiple murders were committed by the surviving DeFeo son, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. He claimed that “the voices made him do it.”

The Lutz Family acquired the house in 1975, the first occupants of 112 Ocean Avenue since the massacre. They then reported experiences such as hearing voices, being bitten by lion sculptures, and seeing green slime on the walls. While the truthfulness of the account has since been debated, the iconic home on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, Long Island, New York, is still a tourist attraction for thrillseekers. The residents after the Lutzes have reported no strange activities, however.

While you and your new Russian bride could do what other tourists do—drive by and catch a glimpse of the home, there are other homes across the country were you could come and visit, book a tour, or book a night and experience the chills and the thrills:

For more haunted houses to visit, here are three lists you could explore:

Creepy Museums. America has a lot of great museums dedicated to the creepy, the odd, and the haunted. Here are a few of those spine-tingling museums:



If these three museums are not enough, plan a whole year’s worth of trips to creepy museums from these lists:

And if international creepy museum-hopping is a thing you and your Russian bride want to do:

Relive childhood field trips with a creepy twist, learn new things while getting a good dose of the chills, and bond with your new Russian wife this Halloween season by touring these weird, odd, and creepy museums.

Iconic Cemeteries. And lastly, where dead men can no longer tell tales. Visiting the resting place of the department amps up the creep factor by leaps and bounds. And so, here are three lists of the creepiest, most haunted cemeteries around America, and the world:


Can’t Wait To Have Your Fill Of The Heebie-Jeebies?

Visiting these creepy places not only makes for a really good scarefest, perfectly in time for Halloween. Horror movies are perfect date night choices for a reason: Your creeped-out Russian girl may well grab you and hug you more, for protection. There’s a science to this logic, too: People often mistake the fear response for sexual attraction. So take the fear factor a step further this Halloween, and take your Russian bride spook-hunting with you, across America, and possibly across the globe.

Most of us use the internet for all of our daily activities. You use the internet to order food, to reserve for a movie ticket, to shop for the latest clothes, to message your friends and even to find love- and that is through online dating.

Here are 5 helpful pieces of advice about online dating:


When you meet someone online and you find her interesting, you’ll find ways to know her better. So, you start texting each other and exchange email addresses. Afterwards, you’ll start having a regular conversation with her. You share stories and jokes and before you know it, your relationship progresses. Finally, you’ll meet in person.

What if you realize that you never want to date this person again? You certainly have put yourself into trouble. Remember, you’ve shared a lot of information about your lives and you’ve become part of each other’s routine but you need to break up even if you only just met.

The solution? Schedule your first date right away. As soon as you feel that spark and you feel that you two could be a good match, meet in person so you can find out if you have chemistry. If not, cut your communication and move on.

  1. If you are really serious about dating, buy a membership right away. Skip those free subscription.

Those men who pay for a membership are more motivated. They wanted to make the most out of their dating experience and their time. Therefore, these men are far more likely to invest in a fun date. Those men who can commit to a membership is more likely to commit to a serious relationship.

  1. Simply say NO to bad second dates.

If you didn’t feel the spark on your first date, do not go on a second date anymore. You might feel lonely or that you are obligated to go out once again with someone you have been dating online. However, this kind of mindset can lead to a short, unsuccessful relationship.

  1. Be interesting.

Avoid sending messages like “What’s up” or “Yo” or any message that has nothing to say. Girls can easily conclude that you are boring online because you are also boring in real life. Pay attention to their profile and talk about the things that she like to do. Research about her favorite books and authors. Find out her favorite places. This is the best way to catch her attention.

  1. Don’t close your doors for offline opportunities just because you are online.

It doesn’t matter where you meet your one true love. Remember, love arrives when you least expect it. It doesn’t matter if you meet her online or at a restaurant. What matters is how you put an effort to make the relationship last.


Before, it is totally fine to play hard to get. Men are also expected to pay the bills and it’s totally unacceptable to have sex on your first date. But things have changed, especially the rules of modern dating.

A lot of people have found their one true love through online dating. This is convenient and more fun for some, but here are 10 unwritten rules of online dating with a Russian girl:

  1. Bragging is a major turn-off

Russian girls get attracted to confident men. They find it sexy but arrogance is a big NO Saying “I can cook for you and do the chores” is a plus points but saying “I am a nice guy and have a great job and nobody can figure out why I am still single” is not.

  1. Be original and specific about your interests

Remember that your goal is get a Russian girl you have lots in common with. Instead of saying you love watching sunsets, tell her the best sunset you have ever seen. Tell your Russian girl where you usually hang out with your friends and the things that you always do with them. Share your favorite kind of music. Specifying your interests will make you sound more interesting.

  1. Never tell her that you didn’t write your profile

Well, things like this can really happen. You probably asked your friend or colleague to describe you and that is what you have written in your profile. But you should never admit this to your Russian girl. This will make your girl think that you are not smart or you are not aware of your own qualities and strengths.

  1. Leave your baggage behind

We all have that exes who has broken our hearts so bad. You may also have a lot of frustrations in life, at work and even family problems. But you should never admit it to your potential Russian girl. She’s probably aware that you have your pains and heartaches in the past but she doesn’t want to hear it. Not yet! Wait until you finally know each other well.

  1. Forget about your wish list.

Russian dating site is not a grocery store where you need a shopping list. Stop looking for someone with short hair, tall, has brown eyes, etc. These Russian sites are there to give you some potential lovers and not to help you find a perfect Barbie doll of your dreams. You too have flaws, so you should learn to accept your Russian woman wholeheartedly.

  1. Your photos are a must!

If you do not include your photo to your profile, your Russian girl might think that you are either 1. Married 2. Ugly or 3. Not a real person; so you will have no chance to find a partner. Also make sure your photos are recent. Never use your photo that was taken 5 or 10 years ago.

  1. Call them the next day

Forget about those rules about waiting 3 days to get in touch. If you like someone, call her immediately. If she’s interested, she’ll be happy that you called. If she is not interested, at least you will know- you can move on to the next Russian girl.

  1. Meet her as soon as you can.

After a few weeks or months of communicating, it’s now time to see her personally. This can help you weigh things and you can judge the chemistry between the two of you. This can help you decide whether this online dating can turn into a serious relationship or even a lifetime partnership.

  1. It might take a few or many dates to find someone you like

Things don’t always work right on your first attempt. If you need to take a few more days with other Russian girls, do so.

  1. Always use protection

Have sex if you like and not if you don’t want. Since you are both single, adults and physically attracted to each other, it is your choice if you’d like to have sex but always use protection.


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