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How do women from Eastern Europe find their partners?

Apart from Internet dating, there are many ways for women from Eastern Europe to find partners. This blog post is contributed by a dating coach for women, but I’m sure men will benefit from this article as well because it helps men understand women so much better. Invite people that you like to something you organize. Now I’d like to share a powerful strategy with you: From now on, you’ll have a weekly Happy Hour on Wednesday night. Invite people [...]

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How to build a romantic relationship with a lady from Russia

While you are a newbie on a dating site where you can meet ladies from Russia, you may want to learn this structure: There are a few steps when you are looking to build a relationship with a woman on a dating website. Interestingly, dating and sales/marketing are very similar because you are selling an idea to a woman; in sales & marketing, there are four steps: engagement – building trust – building relationships – selling something. Similarly, the way [...]

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Chemistry, spark, attraction and love in international dating

When two people meet each other for the first time, they may fall in love due to the chemistry, which is common and understandable. But chemistry has a changeable nature – that also explains why nobody can rely on chemistry alone in relationships. So, what’s more reliable? Chemistry VS spark Chemistry is the feelings that you have for someone due to what you see, whereas spark is oftentimes the little moments that make you really like someone, e.g., you’ve been [...]

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How to have a remarkable relationship with a Russian lady

Do you have a joint vision that you share with her? Show her a better model of marriage. Your self-worth comes from unconditional self-love. What makes you worthy? Your traits lead to your achievements in life. Now the question is how to love yourself and how you perceive yourself. The first half of a successful relationship is knowing how to treat someone else. The second part is having the courage to demand the treatment you want. Most people are good [...]

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Attracting Russian women in the right way

How can you be an attractive guy when you are looking to date Russian ladies? Let’s find it out now! Stay ready and always be prepared. Don’t save your best outfit for important occasions. Wear it today! Do it now! Manufacture visual chemistry! When you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready anymore. You never know when the love of your life will rock up. It’s your job to create chances. For instance, you can go to a venue [...]

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How to recover from a draining breakup and start dating again

“You are a nice person. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you…” (I’ve heard something like this for several times in my life. Usually, it’s followed by a marriage proposal / a breakup speech … or it means I’m fired by my boss.) Almost everyone has to go through at least 1 breakup in life, so let me give you a breakup guide! 🌷 Acknowledge your feelings. If you feel upset, lonely or sad after a draining breakup, accept your feelings. [...]

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Key conversation skills in the international dating space

An outstanding conversationalist is a marvelous storyteller. Are you a good talker on a date? 😉   Can you get her attention?   If your lady isn’t even listening to you, you can’t have an impact on the date. Thus, you have to get her attention quickly. You can use the pronoun “you” more often and pause until you get the lady’s eye contact. When you are unsure if she is actually listening to you or not, you simply say, [...]

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Your Russian lady can contribute to your life and your success

This is 2021, not 1931. The way people manage businesses and marriages has changed.  What can we learn from different management strategies? ‘Classic Western’ approach to strategy started in the 1950s and 1960s when the general management focus mainly on the role of the leader who was making decisions and generating new ideas. It is best characterized by the top-down approach – the management was responsible for making decisions. A key trait is all decisions could be executed quickly.  An [...]

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Russian women’s wisdom: be kind to yourself

“You have very high expectations and you expect yourself to be perfect often. Just be kind to yourself, okay?” I remember Alex’s words so vividly. But hearing something is one thing; truly understanding it is another. That is Russian women’s wisdom. I learned the importance of focusing on my strengths. I’m a naturally quiet person, and I thought that’s my weakness. But when I went to Europe, I realized that I’m a pensive and thoughtful person – that’s actually a [...]

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Online dating in 2021: Qualities that make an individual attractive

In terms of a person’s looks, there are two types of attractiveness: objective attractiveness and perceived attractiveness. Based on scientific research, objective attractiveness is all about symmetry which is considered the most important thing in terms of facial attractiveness, for having a face which is equal on both sides is oftentimes a biological sign that tells others that good genes could be found in this individual. But we could only do so much in order to improve our objective attractiveness [...]

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