How to Talk to Russian Ladies on the Phone and Build a Genuine Connection

When you meet a Russian lady and ask for her phone number, you may worry that she might not give you a real phone number or wouldn’t pick up the telephone when you really call her. That means you need to learn something before dating a Russian lady. In reality, some Russian women want to be very polite; consequently, they would give you a telephone number when you ask for it, yet some of them could be flake. Note that [...]

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How to Help Your Russian Bride Improve Her English Communication

If your Russian bride is keen to improve her English so that she can communicate with you better in the long term (communication is the key to a successful marriage), this article will give you the right information right now. Work on her weaknesses and maintain her strengths. After living in an English-speaking country for a while, your Russian bride will know which components are her weaknesses, and which components are her strengths in terms of English language skills.  For [...]

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How does the attraction formula work while dating Russian ladies?

According to relationship expert Stephen Hussey, the attraction formula looks like this: Visual Chemistry + Emotional Connection + Perceived Value + Perceived Challenge = Attraction But how can you apply this formula in your love life when you are looking to date Russian ladies? Let’s find it out now! Stay ready and always be prepared. Don’t save your best outfit for important occasions. Wear it today! Do it now! Manufacture visual chemistry! When you stay ready, you don’t need to [...]

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How to Find the Perfect Match for Marriage

Finding your perfect match, your lifetime partner, is not as easy as it seems. It’s not just about finding someone whom you will share sweet memories with, but it is about finding someone you will grow old with. Because choosing a person you will marry means a lifetime commitment; you need to do some serious thinking and careful decision making when it comes to selecting your ideal partner. If you want to know the secret to finding your soulmate, here [...]

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7 Things Men Should Do in their Next Relationship

Finding love and building a lasting relationship is just as challenging for men as it is for women. There’s really no easy way to a successful relationship. It takes some serious effort, time and energy from both individuals to make sure that their relationship works and lasts. As a man, finding a lasting love means that you should know your role in making this happen. If you want your next relationship to be your lifetime relationship, here are some of [...]

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