Some women want to know their men’s social media passwords, which sounds a bit strange, but it’s more common than you think. Worse still, it is said that almost all women want to check their guys’ phones! But interestingly, Russian women are the least likely to do that.

  • If there is an issue in your relationship, directly deal with that issue instead of checking your spouse’s social media or phone.

If your lady asks for your Facebook password, you can ask her, “Is there a problem in our romantic relationship?” If she says yes, you can deal with that problem together. If she says no, why does she want to know your password? There is absolutely no reason for your lady to know your password!

Truthfully, marriage counsellors have never seen a couple who solved their problems by looking at each other’s messages on social media / phone. Just analyze the real risks in your romantic relationship instead of each other’s text messages. Understand what’s truly important and what is not even relevant.

Some men want to know their girlfriends’ Facebook passwords. If that happens, I can guarantee that it will only bring more issues in the long term because when a guy asks for his girlfriend’s password, his lady will unconsciously start to plan on having a secret Facebook account that her boyfriend isn’t aware of.

Let’s say you want to know your Russian lady’s Facebook password. Before you ask her for that, she didn’t even think of using Facebook to cheat on you. Why do you want to remind her of something she didn’t even think of in the first place? What a losing game that every guy must avoid!

Remember: the validation on Facebook is useless and pointless. If you like female attention online, you must grow up now. That is only for teenagers who are still figuring themselves out. As a responsible adult, you shouldn’t behave like that.

These days marketers use Facebook to promote their brands and make a profit. Basically, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram sell their users’ attention and data in order to make money. These platforms were created in order to make these social media companies rich; their business owners do not have your best interest in their hearts, okay?

You must rethink why you are even using social media because switched-on men such as Seth Goldin doesn’t use social media at all. Also, both JD Wetherspoon and Lush are quitting social media right now.

If Facebook and Instagram cause trouble in your relationship with a Russian lady, you must delete your Facebook and Instagram accounts today.

  • What does a Russian lady need?

Firstly, a Russian woman needs affection and attention. If your heart’s not in it, she will know it because her intuition is pretty strong and can see past your external appearance & look into your soul.

Secondly, she needs respect. Usually, younger ladies possibly want affection and attention only, but mature women surely want more respect from men. There is a difference between liking someone and respecting someone.

Thirdly, she wants to impress you. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but please let me explain.

When you are trying too hard to impress her, she may wonder why you are trying so hard. Is that because you live in scarcity? Or is that because you don’t think you are good enough for her? Maybe both?

Therefore, you must turn the tables and change the dynamics when it is necessary. It’s time to let her impress you! Next time she says something cool, you can casually say, “Oh. I’m impressed.” In her subconscious mind, now she wants to chase you more!

Furthermore, she wants your positive energy, so even when you are talking to her on the phone, you should smile because she can feel it, too! Also, you may end your email with her name because in her world, the most beautiful word is her name. If you use her name in the interactions frequently, she will like you even more! This is a simple and effective strategy. So, an email to your Russian girlfriend can look like this:


Dear Alina,


I’d appreciate it if you could reply soon, Alina.




  • If you want to marry a Russian bride, make sure you choose a candidate that you truly love.

Marrying a lady for the wrong reasons will probably end up in a bad situation as marriage is a full-time job because it requires your maintenance.

Some guys choose ladies according to something superficial, e.g. hair, looks, status, etc. Note that all of these could be taken away and disappear, yet a woman’s education, skills, knowledge, wisdom and personality will be with her forever. So, please choose the right woman according to the right criteria rather than some wrong standards.

By the way, if you want to be happily married to a Russian wife, you shouldn’t spend time with negative people who really hate marriage. For instance, if your friends complain about marriage all the time, you probably need to find some new friends and avoid old friends as you are only able to look after so many interests at a time.

If your friends are all cheating on their spouses, you probably have to change your social circle immediately. A recent study shows that if a guy in a group of men cheats on his lady and gets divorced, it’s more likely for his other friends to do the same thing due to negative influence and peer pressure.

Do not have wrong friends and make mistakes in your love life. Not everyone can afford to regret forever.

  • How to have true confidence and stay married to a Russian wife forever:

If you aren’t confident when it comes to your looks, you would be well-advised to realize that you are more attractive than you think. Research indicates that almost everybody underestimates their attractiveness, so you should realize that your Russian bride already finds you very desirable.

Something might surprise you today – in your life, there have been some (or many) ladies who secretly fell for you; they just didn’t tell you about it. From now on, please stop looking at the mirror and criticizing your appearance.

Incidentally, a reasonable amount of narcissism never hurts! A study in America suggests that narcissistic individuals are less stressed and more financially successful. I know this sounds strange, but there are many narcissistic people who are making more money and getting more respect from people around them.

Thus, a pinch of pride is totally necessary as the more you think about yourself, the better result you will get when it comes to confidence.

In life, we co-author each other’s biology, meaning people who are close to you can influence your biology. Hence, when you definitely believe that you are already handsome and your wife believes that too, you will become a more attractive guy as well!

“Act as if you are already a high-value, desirable, handsome, attractive, humorous and ideal man that Russian brides admire! And see what happens!”