A healthy and smooth-sailing relationship leads to a happy life. But relationships are tough. Whenever someone says otherwise, clearly they have not experienced true love yet. Falling in love is easy; staying in love is a challenge. It requires dedication and hard work with both parties doing their best to make the relationship work despite the difficulties they will face.  In today’s society, there are no specific rules to make a relationship last. We learn things mostly from trial and error. To be able to communicate and get along better, flexibility and compromise are essential. Keep reading and learn about the 15 things to make a relationship last. 

Be spontaneous

There is a saying “burn the blueprint and script,” which simply means “do not plan your relationship.” Sometimes when you make plans too much, for how things should end up, the chances of achieving your goals are slim. Things will not go according to plan and you get frustrated, which could probably end what could have been a fulfilling relationship. Some relationships are built on spontaneity and passion. When you plan how your relationship is going to work, most of the time it won’t last.
things to make a relationship last

Realize that it is impossible to win a fight

Arguments happen in every relationship. When that happens, sometimes you get too focused on “winning” and proving you are right rather than coming up with a solution to the issue. To have a conscious communication, both parties must learn to create harmony and find a suitable solution that you both agree upon. Going over the same ideas again and again in order to feel “right” often leads to unhappiness for anyone.


It is human nature to make mistakes – it is a fact of life. To make a relationship work, you have to learn to forgive your partner for the mistakes they make. If you truly care and love them, you have to accept the fact that they are bound to make mistakes and deserve a second chance. Never hold any grudges as it can make a relationship toxic.


One of the rules to make a relationship last is to realize it is a two-person job. To have a lasting and happy relationship, both parties must contribute. You cannot expect your partner to do all the hard work. If the relationship is built by only one person making an effort, then it is not going to last.

Connect to your partner

In a relationship, all interactions must be two-sided. It is an important factor to keep a healthy and harmonious relationship. Connect to your loved one as part of you. Let your partner be a part of your life – let them in. This makes communication better and creates a deeper connection. Listen with an open heart and without having to fight back.


Everyone has their own beliefs and ideals. You cannot expect to have the same thinking as your partner all the time. It is important to learn to adapt to have a lasting relationship. Indifference in religious or political beliefs may be considered a deal breaker for some. Learn to adapt and respect their opinion.

Develop your own hobbies and interests

When you are in a relationship, you want to make sure that you and your partner do the same things together. In a relationship, it is important to grow individually. Develop and enhance your own interests. Doing the same things together over and over again can be pretty boring. If each of you has separate time for themselves, you will have so many good things to talk about.


Be grateful for even the little things that your partner does. Appreciate their efforts as they can bring out the best in a person. Try not to always criticize or complain about your partner. This behavior will only demotivate them and they might decide to leave, feeling that the relationship is not healthy anymore.

Don’t keep score

A relationship is not a game. If you have done something nice, do not keep tabs. Same with mistakes – do not hold it against your partner and remind them about it every time an argument happened. Nobody wants to be a sore loser in any relationship.

Encourage and develop each other

Nobody wants to be discouraged from doing something they are passionate about. If you do not want your partner to stop you from pursuing your dreams, then you must do the same for your partner. Encourage and motivate each to achieve whatever goals you want to have.

Compliment each other

Even in its simplest form, a compliment is one way to show how much you care for each other. If you fail to do this, your partner might question what you really think of them or how much they mean to you.

Learn to admit that you can be wrong

Sometimes, in an argument, you have to learn to admit that not all of your ideas are correct. Nobody is perfect and to have a harmonious relationship, you have to realize that mistakes happen.

Drop the “silent treatment”

Silent treatments are useless. Learn to speak your mind and be open to your partner about what you really feel. If you are upset with them, tell them. Holding a grudge creates negativity in any relationship.

Respect the people they care about

You do not need to like all their friends, but at least respect them. Be honest with your partner and tell them what you feel.

Be romantic

Surprise your partner with flowers or a candlelight dinner. Make an effort to show them how much you love and care for them. Be affectionate. A gentle hug, kiss, or simply holding their hand will definitely make someone happy.

There are no specific ingredients to make a relationship last. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Remember, true love is not found – it is built.  It takes a lot of work to maintain a happy, loving, and healthy relationship. Working together with your partner is the key.


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