5 Best Places to Meet a Russian Bride

Russian women are highly desirable as life mates for a variety of reasons. The majority of them are fair-skinned with defined, Slavic features that provide them with an attractive physical appearance. Family values also run strong among Russian people, and women in that country understand the importance of putting the family unit first. However, many American men are at a complete loss concerning how to meet these women. Fortunately, several effective ways exist to make connections with eligible Russian women who are looking for good, solid men to form lasting relationships with.

Following are five of them.

Take a Trip to Russia

Taking a trip to Russia or the Ukraine is a good way to meet and mingle with others provided you’ve got some knowledge of the Russian language and are in possession of a relatively outgoing personality. It’s best to schedule at least two weeks for such a trip, though, so that you’ll have enough time to cultivate your contacts. Many busy men find that they simply don’t have the time for this, however.

Take a Trip to Eastern Europe

Certain Eastern European countries that were at one time a part of the Soviet Union are also good places to meet Russian women for those who time and funds for travel. These companies include Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus.

Take a Trip to U.S. Communities With Sizable Russian Populations

Those who would prefer to travel within the borders of the U.S. can visit a number of communities that enjoy substantial Russian populations. parts of New Jersey and New York, for instance, have large numbers of Russian immigrants. On the West Coast, Oregon’s Willamette Valley is an excellent place to find large communities of orthodox Russians. Almost all major cities have some sort of Russian community, so interested parties should seek out Russian restaurants, clubs, and churches as possible venues for meeting Russian women. An advantage of seeking U.S. based communities is that the vast majority of the women will be English speakers, breaking down what some feel is one of the major barriers to communication.

Don’t Overlook Social Media

Social media provides another excellent avenue for connecting with Russian women who are seeking safe and effective ways to get to know American men. A simple Facebook search should uncover dozens of social media groups specific to Russian and Ukraine women. However, men who join these groups should do so with a huge amount of caution. Many of them are set up with the sole intent of taking money by taking advantage of lonesome men and delivering nothing in return. Many of the profiles on social media groups are fake, for instance, and hook men into providing money for visits to the U.S. by the women that never take place.

Join an Online Dating Site

Participation in reputable online dating sites provide an excellent way for men to connect with beautiful Russian women without the worry of being scammed. Men can get to know the women online and via telephone calls before making  emotional and financial commitment to crossing the sea to visit. A good dating sites introduced men to real women and not fake profiles as well a provides translation services in the event that a language barrier exists.


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