Apart from Internet dating, there are many ways for women from Eastern Europe to find partners. This blog post is contributed by a dating coach for women, but I’m sure men will benefit from this article as well because it helps men understand women so much better.

  • Invite people that you like to something you organize.

Now I’d like to share a powerful strategy with you: From now on, you’ll have a weekly Happy Hour on Wednesday night. Invite people that you already know to this Happy Hour. Then whenever you meet a new guy that you’re interested in, you have a perfect reason for seeing him again soon – You can say this to him, “It’s so good to meet you. I have a Happy Hour next Wednesday at 6pm. I think you should come.”

If he likes you, he will definitely come. What’s more, because other people will also join the Happy Hour, there isn’t any pressure! In other words, by asking him to join your Happy Hour, you aren’t asking him out for a date; you just ask him to join something that you have already planned beforehand. Now if he is attracted to you, he will ask you out for a proper date after the Happy Hour!

Previously, I mentioned that you’d better go to the boxing class in the gym and your neighbor’s wine-tasting event. The reason why I like these two ideas is because a boxing class and a wine-tasting event usually have more men than women. That means you’re more likely to meet a large number of men in those situations and there are fewer competitors! 😉 In this way, you’ll have lots of options – you can send more men to your Happy Hour for you to choose!

By the way, having a Happy Hour every Wednesday is ideal because most people already have plans for Friday night and Saturday night. Therefore, a Happy Hour on Wednesday night is seriously perfect – it’s something casual and relaxing to do in the middle of the week. 😊

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  • It’s perfectly okay for women from Eastern Europe to arrange dates tactfully and effortlessly.

Of course, men are supposed to ask women out and arrange dates properly. But at the beginning when you’re still choosing the right guy amongst many options, you may have to create opportunities to know these candidates better. In life, you either wait or create. This is especially important after these men have already joined your Happy Hour.

Don’t make it a big deal. Just be relaxed when you use this strategy:

You’re going to a yoga class at 3pm on Sunday afternoon. So, at 9am on Sunday morning, you can send a text message to a guy that you are interested in: “I’ll go to a yoga class in your part of the town this afternoon. I’ll get a coffee before the yoga class, so we can meet up there at 2:30pm. That’s the best coffeehouse with the best music, so you should come.”

This message tells him several things: 1) You’re going to the yoga class and you’ll buy a coffee from that coffeehouse anyway. 2) You’re not asking “Would you like to come?” Instead, you say a statement “You should come” – This is not a request. You’re not asking anything from him.

If you ask him “Would you like to come?”, he will have two questions in his head: A) “Do I want to go to that coffeehouse?” B) “Can I go to that coffeehouse this afternoon?”

However, when you say “You should come”, he only has one question in his head: “Can I go to that coffeehouse this afternoon?”

If he likes you, he will definitely come to the coffeehouse to see you. Now you only have 30 minutes for him because you’ll go to the yoga class at 3pm. This is the perfect length of a date that is casually arranged by you. Within 30 minutes, you make the conversation fun and interesting. And then you have to go – this will make him want to see you again soon, so he will have to arrange a proper date with you.

A pro tip: Whenever you are sitting in a coffee shop or a restaurant with a guy you like, always make sure that you are not sitting face-to-face, because the face-to-face situation looks like a serious job interview and doesn’t allow you to have any kind of physical contact naturally. Thus, you would be well-advised to sit side by side. In this way, both of you will feel more relaxed and can easily initiate physical contact without being awkward.

Personally, I would recommend shorter dates, i.e., at the beginning of a relationship, each date should last from 25 to 50 minutes. Don’t make it too long and boring. Make it short and exciting. That’s why a coffee date and a lunch date are better ideas than a 3-hour dinner date on a Saturday night.

If you’ve already started a relationship with a guy officially, you can have longer dates with him & a 3-hour dinner date on a Saturday night will be amazing because that’s for a different stage of a relationship.

 “Here are the best strategies for women from Eastern Europe to find life partners. These techniques can help men understand ladies much better. If men can use some of these strategies, they will improve their love lives as well.”