An outstanding conversationalist is a marvelous storyteller. Are you a good talker on a date? 😉


  • Can you get her attention?


If your lady isn’t even listening to you, you can’t have an impact on the date. Thus, you have to get her attention quickly. You can use the pronoun “you” more often and pause until you get the lady’s eye contact. When you are unsure if she is actually listening to you or not, you simply say, “And you may want to pay extra attention to this bit…” A friend of mine is a public speaker and he told me that audience engagement is paramount! 😊


Also, you may begin a story with “once upon a time”, for this phrase immediately makes the woman realize that you are going to tell her a story – now she is relaxed and thinks, “Great. A story.” In this way, her brain is switched into listening mode instantly. As a result, the lady is receptive to hearing your story and will appreciate what you tell her. 🥰


Of course, you may even add a twist to the story as a great storyteller tends to play with the unexpected. For example, the ending of your story should be surprising (unexpected responses are engaging, unique and interesting). Don’t be afraid to bend her expectations. Be socially confident! In conclusion, do not give a woman the response she expects or wants – just give her an unforgettable ending to your story. 💖


Incidentally, you should reward your lady to keep talking to you. After your lady has finished chatting, you need to give her a reward, thereby encouraging her to keep chatting to you. Remember: the longer a woman speaks for, the more she will actually open up and share her needs, wants, etc. 💕


As a socially confident man, you may reward your lady by nodding and smiling. Then you simply ask her a question to prompt your lady for more details. 💗

international dating

  • Bonus tips for you:


International dating is commonplace nowadays because people can use the internet to meet each other online, no matter where they are. Having said that, you shouldn’t sit on the couch every single day if you are a single man looking for real love.


Ideally, you’d better say yes to every party invitation so that you can leave the house! Don’t miss out on opportunities to meet single women. Also, don’t rule women out who you don’t really fancy. If you have a pretty good connection with a woman but the chemistry is absent, please do not end this friendship. Even though she isn’t going to be your wife, you still need more female friends. Here is why:


Most ladies choose guys from their social circles, although they enjoy internet dating as well. Hence, having a female friend that you have a good friendship with tells other women that you are a high-value and trustworthy man. That is to say, though you and this woman don’t have chemistry, you can still meet her friends and family – you might fall in love with someone in her social circle! ❤️


Lastly, please do not pursue dead options – if you have a toxic on-and-off romantic relationship with someone who merely makes you guess what she is looking for, you have to end this unhealthy relationship. Do not stay in a passive position where she is choosing you. Never wait on the maddening sidelines when your time is ticking away. Your time is a limitation, so you must use it very wisely!


If you are ready to join the international dating space, please watch this space as we will keep publishing new blog articles regularly! 💌


 “A healthy relationship starts with a healthy mindset.”