Online dating revolutionized how people in the world go out with others. Gone are those days where a man goes to the woman’s house and brings flowers or chocolates. Years ago, people treated online dating as taboo and something ridiculous. They ridiculed the fact that someone could find love through the internet. However, things have changed, so here are some tips to help you succeed at online dating.

5 tips that help you succeed in online dating

People who engage in online dating want the best things to happen in their lives. Some get anxious if they said the right things or not. Through these tips, you may just win somebody’s heart!

#1 Give them time to respond within a few hours

Finding a match online takes time and does not always result in something favorable. When a person finds their match, they immediately think of contacting them. Some overthink the situation because their match did not reply within the first hour. Thinking that they might miss their one shot at love, they will send too many messages, like “???” or “I guess you aren’t that interested in me.” People have a lot of things on their plate, including work or personal matters.

Experts believe that sending a secondary or tertiary message before receiving a reply decreases the chances to get a response by 34%.

#2 Send a response within 24 hours of first contact

People do their best to send their response as quickly as possible to make a good  impression. Most people know of the unspoken rule that responding within 24 hour, encourages communication. When the reply is sent after 24 hours, people assume the other party lost interest.

#3 Communicate through social media before heading to the date

Most people check their date’s social media accounts before going out with them. This helps them get to know the person and start a conversation when they meet. Asking relevant questions about their lives may help ease the tension and the time spent on their phone. This helps start a conversation and reduces awkward silences.

#4 Wait for the right moment to exchange contact details

Calling someone comes easier than chatting since most smartphones need cellular data or a stable wifi to send a message. Some people find it comfortable to share their contact number right away. Sooner or later, they send text messages to each other.

In some cases, people take at least a date or two before they exchange numbers. This builds trust between them in order to strengthen the spark they have. Online dating may start through the web but it ends with offline dates. For some, it leads to marriage.

#5 Forget about creating the perfect impression, just go and be yourself!

During most first dates, people strive to give the best first date impression. People have hobbies or interests that others may find peculiar. Some engage in outdoor activities that others find tiring, while some amuse themselves with learning new crafts. These things make everyone human and unique. Avoid pretending, especially if that’s not the real you. Make someone fall in love by just being yourself. They will surely appreciate that.

Going on blind dates with a person you met on the internet causes some anxiety about how to act when you actually meet. Online dating gives hope for finding true love. Remembering these tips will help you find the right person.

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