History Of Why Men Marry Russian Women

Russian WomanRussian women have always been sought after by western men as they have always succeeded in making their husbands better men. Not only that, they also make their families very happy. According to the history of why men marry Russian women, it is said that they tend to be very great mothers as they devote their lives to make sure that the welfare and well-being of their families are the top priorities. However, many blogs and “informative” posts have said otherwise. So, we’re here to show you why you should marry a Russian woman.

Besides the fact that you won’t have to worry about infidelity from your Russian woman, you will also enjoy the loyalty of your woman and her family as well. A Russian woman who becomes a wife will do anything to protect her family and keep everyone safe and happy. It really isn’t a secret that Russian women are generally very beautiful and charming in the most natural way. You don’t even have to take Kim Kardashian and put her beside a Russian woman to know that Russian women are more beautiful. They have natural beauty with charismatic womanliness. Although Russian women are very promiscuous, they are still mannered.

Besides all these aspects, here are eight reasons why you should marry a Russian woman.



European women, especially from the Eastern part and also Russia are considered to be much friendlier than Americans and mostly never get offended when approached by a man. Even their celebs are known to giggle or blush when flirted with or commented on. They have a positive view of life in general, and they do not get defensive.



Unlike other parts of the world where women are regularly protesting to be equal to men, Russian women are very proud of their femininity. Although they want to have equal opportunities when it comes to career and education, they think a woman should behave like one in every aspect of life. Men are expected to hold the door open, pull out the chair, and pay their ladies’ bills. The lady in return is expected to cook, keep the house clean, and look gorgeous (what they naturally do).


Physical Appearance

Russian women regularly visit the gym, keep themselves clean, and worry about each extra gram like a religious duty they’re obliged to follow. Studies show that about 95 percent of Russian females have a body that is proportionate to their height and weight.


Dressing habits

Known to be dressed in the most beautiful clothes, what most foreigners consider party wear, Russian ladies dress in a much more classy, stylish, and feminine way than most westerners. This is further highlighted by the weight, height, and natural beauty that these vivacious symbols of sex possess.



With the down-to-earth and natural attitude these beautiful women possess, foreigners simply fall in love with them because Russian women don’t need to play any artificial games to woo them. All you have to do to win their hearts is to be sincere and charming toward them. In reality, every man prefers women who are natural and feminine rather than women who’d make you do all kinds of stupid things to impress them.



Compared to other parts of the world, Russians, in general, have a richer intellectual life. Most of them are cultured, educated, and have a much deeper sense of the world. Belonging to the economically challenged country, Russian women are practical and smart. Russians usually speak two to five languages and have a deeper knowledge of Russian literature and art.



A major reason why men find Russian women attractive is that they value a traditional family culture that is very rare in today’s world. In Russia, getting married and having children automatically earn you a sound social status. The success of any Russian is measured by her marriage and children rather than any success she may achieve in her career.


Strong Character

Having adapted to the tough Russian environment and the rough Russian men, these women are famous for their exceptionally strong character to bear pain and loss. In spite of all the rigidity, Russian women are the most gentle and caring wives and mothers. Loyalty to family is ingrained in them and taught since their early childhood. A famous quote that is known to describe a Russian women’s strength best goes like, “A Russian woman would enter a burning house and hold up a galloping horse in order to save her loved ones.”

If your aim is to meet a woman you can treasure with whom you can spend the rest of your life in bliss, then a Russian woman may be the right pick for you. Your Russian spouse will fall in love with you again and again, more and more, every day. Due to the genetic feature of all Slavic women, it is only natural for her. Since childhood, these women are taught to sacrifice themselves, their lives, and their careers for their husbands’ sake. Known to have a heart of gold, your Russian wife would almost absolutely dissolve into your way of life.

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