Most of us use the internet for all of our daily activities. You use the internet to order food, to reserve for a movie ticket, to shop for the latest clothes, to message your friends and even to find love- and that is through online dating.

Here are 5 helpful pieces of advice about online dating:


  • Schedule your first date as soon as possible. Avoid the pen pal trap.

When you meet someone online and you find her interesting, you’ll find ways to know her better. So, you start texting each other and exchange email addresses. Afterwards, you’ll start having a regular conversation with her. You share stories and jokes and before you know it, your relationship progresses. Finally, you’ll meet in person.

What if you realize that you never want to date this person again? You certainly have put yourself into trouble. Remember, you’ve shared a lot of information about your lives and you’ve become part of each other’s routine but you need to break up even if you only just met.

The solution? Schedule your first date right away. As soon as you feel that spark and you feel that you two could be a good match, meet in person so you can find out if you have chemistry. If not, cut your communication and move on.

  1. If you are really serious about dating, buy a membership right away. Skip those free subscription.

Those men who pay for a membership are more motivated. They wanted to make the most out of their dating experience and their time. Therefore, these men are far more likely to invest in a fun date. Those men who can commit to a membership is more likely to commit to a serious relationship.

  1. Simply say NO to bad second dates.

If you didn’t feel the spark on your first date, do not go on a second date anymore. You might feel lonely or that you are obligated to go out once again with someone you have been dating online. However, this kind of mindset can lead to a short, unsuccessful relationship.

  1. Be interesting.

Avoid sending messages like “What’s up” or “Yo” or any message that has nothing to say. Girls can easily conclude that you are boring online because you are also boring in real life. Pay attention to their profile and talk about the things that she like to do. Research about her favorite books and authors. Find out her favorite places. This is the best way to catch her attention.

  1. Don’t close your doors for offline opportunities just because you are online.

It doesn’t matter where you meet your one true love. Remember, love arrives when you least expect it. It doesn’t matter if you meet her online or at a restaurant. What matters is how you put an effort to make the relationship last.