How can you be an attractive guy when you are looking to date Russian ladies? Let’s find it out now!

  • Stay ready and always be prepared.

Don’t save your best outfit for important occasions. Wear it today! Do it now! Manufacture visual chemistry! When you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready anymore. You never know when the love of your life will rock up.

It’s your job to create chances. For instance, you can go to a venue where Russian women congregate. You can also join an international dating website which introduces single Russian ladies to western men. It’s your responsibility to create a life you want first. You don’t know it unless you do it.

Turn knowledge from what you’ve learned on this blog to action.

  • Build deep emotional connection with your Russian girlfriend.

Perhaps you know the analogy regarding the rider and the elephant.

In business and career, you should switch on the rider. Use logic, facts, information and data to work on projects. Be rational.

In your love life, you should switch on the elephant because dating and relationships are all about how you feel – become engaging, warm and loving. Connect with your Russian lady emotionally.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Emotional connection is all about authenticity. Always remember the concept of reciprocity: We have to bring what we seek from somebody else. We have to bring it first.

If you don’t know a Russian lady very well yet, you can invest and test. Give her value and see whether she reciprocates or not. If she does, she is a good woman from Russia.

Don’t expect someone else’s something that you are not giving right now. In love, you can only get what you give. If you don’t take action, nothing is going to change.

When you are still looking for a Russian lady, you should be less picky at this stage in terms of who to talk to. But when you decide who to have a relationship with, you have to be pickier because a long-term relationship has to be serious and meaningful.

You create choices because you take action, not because the destiny gives you a big break.

Russian women

  • Increase your perceived value like a pro.

When you have options, your perceived value is higher. In other words, if many women want to date you, you look like a high-value man.

Therefore, it’s important to create rituals to meet more women. Perhaps you can go to the place where women have lunch. Go at the busiest time for selection. When you go shopping in the supermarket, your trolley is your wingman – your trolley “accidentally” touches a beautiful woman’s back and you apologize to her, thereby starting a conversation.

Apart from that, when you have many high-value male friends, your perceived value is also higher, as the third-party review is hard to fake: If many successful men want to be your friends, that means you must be a successful man as well! Russian women are smart, so they will figure you are a high-value man.

Also, your successful male friends are probably dating very attractive women, so when your Russian lady meets those high-value women, she will realize that your social circle is high-quality. That will further increase your perceived value.

“Leave her wanting more; short and fun dates increase perceived value and perceived challenge.”