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Learn positive ways to deal with online dating rejection

There’s no denying that the most terrifying aspect of online dating is rejection. It makes us feel that we’re not good enough or that we are not lovable. It shakes our very identities and makes us question our worth. But the truth is, it is a part of the dating reality and life in general. We all face rejections in one way or another. Whether it is in our relationships, school or career, we’ve dealt with rejections at some point. If you are new to online dating, being aware of rejection and how to handle it will help you in the process. Accept that rejection is a fact of life. Then, refer to the following points to help you deal with any potential conflicts.

Don’t take rejection personally

When you get rejected, it could be difficult not to take it personally. It’s even harder if you have already been communicating for a while or you’ve already had a couple of dates. If that person rejects you, it means that they didn’t find what they were looking for. It is not about you. It’s about them. We all have a picture in our head of how our ideal partner should be. So, when you get rejected, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. It only means that you’re not the right fit for them. And that you will be perfect for someone else.

Focus on the people around you

Getting rejection in online dating doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. You got rejected by one person. There are other people who love you and support you. You have friends and family. Focus on them. Look at the people who accept you unconditionally. Doing this will make you realize that you worthy of love. Don’t lose your self-worth because someone didn’t choose you in the world of internet dating.

Let them go

It is tempting to cling to the idea that you have lost someone who is actually a potential partner. But it’s always best to learn how to let go. Don’t try to convince or beg someone to give you a chance. You deserve to be with someone who feels like they are the luckiest person alive for having you. You shouldn’t be with someone who is with you only because you asked them.

Love yourself

Loving yourself even more after rejection can help build your resilience. It will make you feel good about yourself and even more confident. It will make you braver and stronger and make you ready for whatever life will throw at you in the future. So go ahead and do the things that make you feel good. Work on improving yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. This will make you realize your worth. And no matter how many rejections you get, you know who you are and what you deserve.

Don’t give up

Online dating websites do not promise an instant success in your quest for love. But giving up after one rejection is the worst thing you can do. You may not have succeeded in your first date but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of it. Make the most of what the internet dating brings you. Don’t ever think that you are a failure. Don’t allow the fear of rejection to stop you in the search for your ideal partner. Rejection is part of the game and it adds spice to your journey. So don’t be afraid to try again.

Don’t allow your life to revolve around online dating

Online dating websites are a tool used by those searching for their ideal match. Making use of this technology is great but you shouldn’t let your life revolve around it. There are plenty of other important things you can focus on. If you get rejected once, it’s okay. You can try again. But don’t let the rejection get the better of you.

Handling rejection is never easy, even in the world of online dating. But you can follow these tips to handle the situation better while you wait for the right one.

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