You are excited because you are looking forward to the first date with a Slavic woman. The anticipation makes you want to find out how to effectively prepare for the first date.

  • Plan what to do beforehand.

As a man in a relationship, you either lead or be misled. Therefore, you would be well-advised to plan the right activities for the first date in advance.

An example of the wrong activities: a dinner date – this looks like a job interview. Worse still, if the chemistry is absent, you can’t leave early as the dinner date usually lasts for several hours!

An example of the right activities: a coffee date – this is more flexible. If the chemistry has a capital C, you can stay in the coffeehouse for an hour. But if she has bad breath, you can leave within 30 minutes!

  • Prepare your mindset.

I’m sure you already know that you should work on your grooming before the first date, so I won’t talk about that now. What I need to point out is you will have to prepare your mindset because your mindset determines your attitude and your behaviour.

By that I mean when you are at work, your headspace is very different from the headspace when you are on a date with an attractive woman. As a result, before the first date, you’d better listen to a romantic song or see a romantic movie. In this way, you will condition your feelings, thereby preparing the right mindset for the first date!

Slavic women

  • How to stop overthinking effortlessly before the date with a Slavic woman:

Stress and anxiety come from overthinking & overmanaging life! Now I’d like to share some very powerful techniques to help you effortlessly stop overthinking before the first date with a Slavic woman. You are welcome.

1) Make the quick transition from Mind Fullto Mindful.

Mind Full – You focus on your weird anxieties and your thoughts, so your weird anxieties and your thoughts simply keep growing and growing….

Mindful – You focus on your senses by noticing what you see, smell, hear and feel. Alternatively, you focus on your breath and your body movements; meanwhile, if those annoying thoughts arise, you only watch them go (just like watching cars go without driving a car away).

2) Let those annoying thoughts be there so that they can disappear gradually.

Look, not every thought deserves your full attention. If an unhelpful thought arises, just let it be there. Do not argue with it. Simply let it stay there and it will disappear as time goes by.

In truth, if you argue with a thought, you will only have more anxiety because things go backwards in the inner world. Please let me explain.

If you want to achieve career success or improve your relationships with your family and friends, you should proactively do something, and then you will see positive results.

However, if you want to deal with overthinking and/or anxiety, doing more will only make you feel more anxious and stressed out! Clearly, things definitely go backwards in the inner world.

That’s why you should do less so that you can let certain thoughts pass.

3) Therapeutic surrender is good for you.

When you overthink many things, you are actually trying to control things that are surely outside of your control.

Hence, in terms of things that are outside of your control, you need to choose therapeutic surrender because surrendering to destiny is extremely powerful.

4) Do some physical exercise every day.

A lot of psychologists recommend physical exercise to individuals who often overthink and people who have anxiety or insomnia.

You may try a 1-hour workout every day – this will burn those stressful chemicals such as cortisol in your body. Then you will think less and feel happier as a result.

By the way, the fastest way to feel happier is to think like a child. This immediately gives you a fresh perspective and may even stimulate your creativity in record time.

“Well, this is not childish. It’s childlike.”