When you meet a Russian lady and ask for her phone number, you may worry that she might not give you a real phone number or wouldn’t pick up the telephone when you really call her. That means you need to learn something before dating a Russian lady. In reality, some Russian women want to be very polite; consequently, they would give you a telephone number when you ask for it, yet some of them could be flake. Note that there is a difference between giving you a telephone number because a lady would like to be polite and giving you a telephone number because she truly would like to date you. Having said that, the majority of women from Russia are very honest people, so nine times out of ten, you don’t need to worry about flake phone numbers. But you may still read this article just in case.

  • How to contact a Russian woman after getting her phone number:

First, I don’t actually recommend phoning this lady now as most people feel a bit annoyed if you call them in today’s day and age – they are busy doing things and they don’t want to answer the phone. Most Russian ladies would respond better if you send them text messages, so they can respond to your messages when they have spare time.

Second, remember to text her twelve hours after you got her cell phone number (but no later than twenty-four hours). If you text her 20 minutes after getting her cell phone number, you look too needy. But if you wait for twelve hours, she is going to spend twelve hours thinking why you still haven’t contacted her yet. Nevertheless, please don’t wait for more than one day – if you wait for too long, she might not even remember your name or who you are.

Third, please don’t arrange a date in the first 3 messages. Although you can’t wait to see her again, you should be a high-value guy. Thus, patience is important. You might scare her if you arrange a date too soon, even if she is interested.

Next, remember to use your best English at all times and proof your messages before sending them. Don’t type “How R U?” Note that terrible English has no value. You don’t want to put off elegant ladies. Also, you’d better avoid smiley faces and “xoxo”. Though ladies may use these more frequently, you are not supposed to do it too often as you’re a mature, sophisticated and worldly guy.

What’s more, your text messages should be shorter than hers. In psychology, shorter messages indicate higher value. And please don’t use “!!!” and “???” in your text messages. “!” and “?” should be sufficient at the end of a sentence. You should be a very cool guy rather than an emotional drama queen.

If the Russian lady takes half an hour to respond to your message, you need to take more than half an hour to send a reply. If the lady does not even reply, please wait for a week at least and text her once again. If she still ignores your message, Just. Move. On.

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  • Real examples:

While arranging a date via text messages, don’t type “Let’s meet at ABC coffeehouse at 4pm today.” Instead, you type, “Let’s meet at ABC coffeehouse at 4pm next Tuesday.” That’s because if you have spare time to see this lady too soon, it indicates you don’t have much going on in your personal life. You should look slightly busy or actually become busy, so you should arrange a later date. My advice is to avoid Friday / Saturday night at the initial stage, for she hasn’t even earned your most important social time right now. Also, don’t use a question when you ask her out. Rather than sending her this message, “Would you like to go to ABC coffeehouse with me at 4pm next Tuesday?”, you’ll send this message, “Let’s go to ABC coffeehouse at 4pm next Tuesday” – a statement is always more certain than a question. Certainty is powerful. Alternatively, you can look more relaxed and send this to her, “I’m going to ABC coffeehouse at 4pm next Tuesday, and I think you should come because the music there is amazing.”

“Talking to an elegant lady on the phone is an art form. Once you’ve understood these principles and mastered the art of talking to a woman on the phone, you will stand out from the crowd.”