Someone asked me if he is supposed to feel butterflies when he meets the right candidate, “Should butterflies an expectation I have for the right Russian lady or are they simply ‘Disney-movie’ emotions?”

‘Instant attraction’ is a common belief in our society.

If you think butterflies are chemistry, yes, you need to feel that because a romantic relationship must have a spark in the first place.

However, if you think butterflies are signals which tell you that she is the one after the first date, then the answer is no.

Well, some people knew their spouse was the one at the end of the first date, e.g., Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Hayes, etc. However, this isn’t the case for everybody. Also, it’s usually easier to say in hindsight!

A lot of individuals fall in love with their partners over a matter of months or even years, e.g., Louise Roe. For a large number of people, it often takes a lot of time as well as connection before they figure out that they actually have something that they truly want to invest deeper in. Michael Johnson started dating his future wife without being sure whether he wanted a relationship at that time. After several months of dating, he realized that he has a woman that he didn’t want to let go of!

Look, it takes longer than the first date to be sure about somebody, so you have to be open-minded. If you are too dismissive or too quick to throw a woman in the ‘no’ category or never give a candidate a chance simply because you do not feel butterflies when you meet her for the first time, you might end up lost while looking for a unicorn woman who does not even exist. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying chemistry is not important. Actually, I think chemistry is paramount because you need chemistry which makes you want to be close to that woman.

Yet that is merely the first seed.

Before the seed could grow into a healthy relationship tree, you must have the right soil, water, nutrients, sunshine and solid foundations. This represents real investment as well as compatibility which can be discovered through sharing experiences and time with a Russian woman so that you will see how she lives, what she spends her time doing and the way she interacts with you.

The Disney stuff matters to some degree in the beginning. Nevertheless, that’s overrated in the mainstream culture.

Eastern European woman

Flirt with women like a pro.

If you join a high-quality social circle but you do not flirt with suitable candidates, you won’t be able to attract women. Thus, it is of vital importance to work on your flirting skills.

The main message of flirting is: “I am a fun-loving, spontaneous, playful and happy guy, and I think love/romance is wonderful.” This message will help ladies to relax when they are interacting with you.

Remember: flirting offers you options and generates unlimited opportunities.

Previously, I mentioned that you are supposed to be an avid reader. Now I’d like to point out that if you are a serious reader and a fun-loving person at the same time, you will certainly become irresistible in record time because this combination is not very common.

  • How to contact a Russian woman after getting her phone number:

First, I don’t actually recommend phoning this lady now as most people feel a bit annoyed if you call them in today’s day and age – they are busy doing things and they don’t want to answer the phone. Most Russian ladies would respond better if you send them text messages, so they can respond to your messages when they have spare time.

Second, remember to text her twelve hours after you got her cell phone number (but no later than twenty-four hours). If you text her 20 minutes after getting her cell phone number, you look too needy. But if you wait for twelve hours, she is going to spend twelve hours thinking why you still haven’t contacted her yet. Nevertheless, please don’t wait for more than one day – if you wait for too long, she might not even remember your name or who you are.

“Please don’t arrange a date in the first 3 messages. Although you can’t wait to see her again, you should be a high-value guy. Thus, patience is important. You might scare her if you arrange a date too soon, even if she is interested.”