It’s an exhilarating time in your life: You’ve met your Russian girl, and you both have successfully hurdled the process of obtaining and using her Fiancée Visa. Congratulations! Now it’s time to have her walk down the aisle and have half-Russian babies and the dogs and cats to amuse them? Not so fast! Take her out on a great “First Date In America” first!

A great first date in the US of A could be as mundane as an afternoon of milkshakes and French fries and staring at each other with the worst of googly eyes you could muster. However, you have around 40+ years to do that, so why settle for something you could do on a daily basis next year? When you take her to the US and she’s practically “fresh off the boat,” it’s time to create magical memories with her—impress her, and show her what America could offer.

Take her to iconic places. The Statue of Liberty. The Golden Gate Bridge. The Grand Canyon. Yosemite. Which All-American tourism icon do you love best? Is there any of those that you’ve always wanted to visit, but were waiting for a partner to share the moment with? Go for it, after a couple of days that you’ve let her settle in! She wants to see Disneyland in Anaheim for the very first time? Go for it! Spare no expense! After all, this is your “honeymoon year.”

Take her to New York. Everyone loves New York. A lot of people who have been to New York are so charmed by it, that they want to stay. Forever. So bring her there, do a hotdog or pizza crawl with her, and don’t forget to take her to Sephora, Lush, or Cosmetic Market, and watch her eyes light up with all the makeup surrounding her. Don’t forget to remind her that it’s a rare treat, so she wouldn’t expect you to take her there every week.

Take her on a food crawl. America invented fast food. And so, take her to fast foods that haven’t set up shop in Russia. Take her to ChickFil-A, In-And-Out, Chipotle. Ask her which food she wants to eat, and where she hasn’t eaten yet, take a list of five to ten of those, and go on a food crawl for a week. If you live in California, take her to great sushi, taco, or burger places that people rave about. Take the cue from BuzzFeed’s food crawls, and take her on sushi, taco, burger, and pizza crawls. Don’t know where to start? Here are BuzzFeed’s guides. And yes, there has to be THREE lists on pizza (and two each on Sushi and Burgers):

And if you absolutely have no idea how a food crawl is done, watch these BuzzFeed videos:

Take her on a road trip. One of the very best ways to introduce your Russian bride to the United States of America is to show her its gorgeous views through a road trip. We’ll cut the yapping and show you what we’re talking about:

Take her to get to know your hometown. Yes, your hometown. Whether you live in Idaho, Nebraska, or a farm on the Bible Belt, your hometown is bound to be gorgeous and way different from her place in Russia. Taking her on a trip to getting to know your neighbors, the places to go in your area, where she should shop, where to get the best organic produce, is a great way to get her settled in. Also, it may help you appreciate your hometown a little more. Seeing your hometown from her eyes will not only be refreshing, it will also build your relationship and help cement a lot of good feels: Patriotism, love of country (and your hometown), and possibly give you a newfound sense of joie de vivre.

We hope you liked our ideas on how to get your Russian bride settled in on the US of A, and we hope she enjoys exploring it as much as we loved compiling this guide!