You’ve spent hours upon hours with this Russian girl. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars calling her long-distance, too. But something just doesn’t seem right. Should you trust your gut and “break up” with her? Should you turn your attention to the other girls you’re speaking with, instead? What if she’s the only one you really, really like?

Dating a Russian girl can be tricky, especially since there’s no way to instantly be able to grab milkshakes with her at your local diner. There’s no way to have coffee and then just move on to the next girl, if you find her personality flaky in one way or the other. So how do you know if it’s time to move on? What if you aren’t that strong in trusting your gut feel? What if you don’t even have any sense of intuition, at all?

Well, don’t worry, we’ll help you out, here.

Five Common Red Flags To Pay Attention To In Online Dating With Russian Women

The Standard Gold-Digging Moves. You’re here to find love, and we’re assuring you that a lot of Russian girls have the same motive. There are so many reasons why Russian women prefer to date and even find the man they’ll have and hold for the rest of their lives, online. Russian dating expert Elena Petrova outlined one of the most crucial reasons in her post: The Russian culture tends to treat single mothers, and Russian ladies over 30 as “un-marry-able.” Also, Russian men tend to like alcohol a little too much, and a Russian lady who wants to raise a good family would prefer a man who works hard and is and involved father to her children. And you, are potentially that.

Gold-digging isn’t the norm, though there are cases. And the moment that you find your Russian girl is asking for money way too often, run the other way, stat. It just isn’t worth it to keep going, the moment she starts to make asking for moolah a constant habit.

She Flakes Out On Online Dates. Yes, you’re saving for the moment you’ll go and visit her city in Russia. You’re close to reaching your goal amount, and you’re excited to go. But suddenly, she has more than a hundred reasons to not meet you online. What gives?

Spare yourself the torture of wondering why she’s flaking out. Ask her if she’s really still interested in pursuing the connection with you. If she cannot give you a straight or honest answer, move on. If she gives you her honest reasons, and if she communicates that it may be a better idea to part ways, then accept that and move on.

She’s Getting Restless And Anxious To Meet You. Has she been implying that you really have to travel to meet her, soon? Has she hinted that she’ll start seeing other people if you don’t get to meet her by a certain date? Can you meet her halfway and push for the meet sooner than later? If you can, then go ahead and visit her, stat. If you cannot, and will have to take more time to save for the meeting, then you might as well just use your travel fund for the next girl.

Let’s face it, cash isn’t so easy to come by. And if your Russian girl is getting impatient, it probably isn’t worth holding on to her.

The Conversations Are Getting Stale. Have your conversations degenerated to standard “How was your day” question and answer interrogations? Are you losing interest, too? Then maybe it’s time to let the relationship die a natural death.

Or maybe you guys just need a little push in the right direction: Look for online quizzes with interesting questions, and take turns answering those. Or find interesting articles, ask her to read one or two of those a day, and talk about that. Sometimes, a “dying” connection isn’t really dying—you just need to steer it back to the right direction.

As they say, relationships are, indeed, a lot of work. And if your Russian girl is clueless in keeping the fire stoked, you should take the lead.

She Keeps Talking About Her Ex, Or A Certain “Guy Friend.” Do your conversations revolve around your Russian lady’s ex? In fact, does she speak about him in a positive manner? Would you entertain the possibility that “the ex” is not really an ex?

Given that you can’t possibly track your girl’s moves for a good amount of time, consider the possibility that she could date behind your back. Until you meet her and bring her to settle down in the US, you won’t be able to assure yourself 100% that she isn’t dating other guys.

The same goes for the situation where she’s talking way too much about “a certain guy friend.” You really should start wondering if they’re truly “just friends.”

Maybe she’s careless. Or maybe she doesn’t think you’d catch on. Maybe she thinks nothing of it. But if she keeps talking about one particular guy, maybe it’s time to either confront her, or just let the connection die a natural death. It would be better to have a conversation for closure, though.

The Wrap

No one wants to dwell on the possibility that what could have been a good thing is actually headed for splitsville. However, it is always better to nip a bad relationship in the bud, before it turns to a vicious divorce.

A romance is a lifetime commitment, and you owe it to yourself to be in a good relationship. If you cannot trust the Russian girl you chose, there isn’t any reason to go further. So take courage, be brave, and make the necessary ending you need to make sure that when you do find the right Russian bride, she’s really “The One,” and will be working hand in hand with you to create a blissful, well-run marriage.