Impressing Single Russian Ladies By Being The Best You

Single Russian Ladies are notorious for taking pride in their intellectual capacities. They prize getting to know intelligent peers, and would prefer to be surrounded by smart, educated, and well-read individuals. As an average Joe on the lookout for a Russian girl to have and to hold, how do you sweep her off her feet, then? Hold your ground. According to this guide by Château Heartiste, a man must persevere through a Russian girl’s defiant stance. Once a man shows [...]

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Ukrainian VS Russian Women: Why And How Are They Different?

It’s funny that there are number of people that ask whether or not Ukrainians are the same as Russian people. However, it’s a very valid questions as they have very close similarities. Although beyond these similarities, there are some differences between the two as well. A quick knowledge on the history of the Russians and the Ukrainians. The Russians were able to become independent from the USSR in 1990 while Ukraine didn’t trail that far behind with a year gap [...]

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8 Rules for Dating in 2017

If years were structured as novels, then we are currently wading in the thick of the final chapter. Anyone who has picked a novel, be it a literary treasure spanning a thousand pages or a romance paperback featuring a smoldering, chiseled hunk worthy of being a Roman god smoldering on its cover, knows that the last chapter is filled to the brim with unexpected twist and turns that the heroine must survive these turn of events with her heart intact. [...]

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Interracial Relationship Facts

One of the finer beauties of living in a modern world is the blessing to cast your net in a wider and deeper ocean. Centuries ago, finding love was limited by turbulent factors including prejudice and geographical distance. While there were plenty mighty ships crossing vast blue seas to explore foreign shores in search of spice, the chances of making it to the other side were slimmer than a woman in corset’s waist. Such is not the case in the [...]

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Russian Women And Body Language: The 5 Etiquettes You Should Know

As you’ve probably heard, Russia is a country filled with women who are both beautiful and slender. However, with meeting a new Russian women, you’ve got to learn that they offer a different language than most Westerners. Usually, the English language and the Russian language have barriers. But, did you know that body language is another language that most Westerners have almost nothing in common with? Well, Russian women and body language go side by side and you’ll notice this [...]

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