A passion is something like a higher calling, e.g. a pursuit that you feel attached to it emotionally and it makes your beautiful life worth living on planet earth. Having your own passions is the key to get rid of neediness.

  • When you have a bigger purpose in life, you feel excited with or without a girlfriend.

There is something that excites you every day. You will not be needy at all.

Without a passion, you tend to attach yourself to others as you can’t satisfy yourself. That’s not an attractive behavior.

As you talk about your true passion, you become excited and sound more fun and engaging, for you truly love the topic. Boring people usually have no passion to talk about in the first place.

Since you are doing something interesting, people will be drawn to you. This enthusiasm will come across in your character.

Even without a romantic relationship, you will feel just as invincible.

Although romantic relationships may give more meaning to your life and can be the most paramount part of your life, you wouldn’t actually thrive as a person unless you have a bigger purpose which is unique to you as an individual.

Having your own passion gives you that bigger purpose in life. It also makes you become strong even without a girlfriend, for you understand that you have something intriguing and you devote your efforts towards your goal all the time.

What’s more, your conversation instantly becomes effortless when you have your own passions. Your social skills will improve dramatically.

Not only that, but now you know the significance of passions & you want to find out what others’ passions are. Everybody has at least one passion if you dig deeper. Everyone likes talking about their passion. The more they talk about their passions with you, the more they will like you!

So, next time when you talk to a Russian woman, remember to get her to talk about her passion so that she will enjoy your company, for she will always remember the positive feelings and emotions she gets when she speaks to you. 😉

  • The most important element in a relationship is setting a positive tone.

Yes, you should communicate with your Russian girlfriend and tell her what you actually feel. You should let her know what your true needs are. Yet if she comes back home in a terrible mood each night, she probably won’t want to see you again soon.

Everyone’s life is painful. Everyone is fighting a battle that you don’t know. Everyone has their own struggles. It’s easy to assume that others have it easier than you. But truthfully, they do not. Life is also hard for them. We take turns worrying about certain things and lying awake at night. We battle with our neighbors, co-workers and friends. Your girlfriend is also battling with hers. Therefore, your most important role is to create a positive environment for each other. This will make your life much easier.

You achieve that effect by controlling your own behavior.

Do you know that some people cannot run a business and be in a relationship at the same time? That’s actually because relationship is work from their point of view. They cannot do both.

Indeed, if your partner gives you anxiety and stress, you can’t concentrate on your business at the same time.

Now you can see the importance of setting up a positive environment in your romantic relationship in the first place!

It is your responsibility to set the right tone from the beginning of a relationship with your Russian lady. You need to set intentions around how you interact with each other. It is your responsibility to build the container in which you live and thrive.

Do not wait for someone else to make you happy and satisfied. You must make yourself feel great. This is truer in a romantic relationship than it is when you are single. Do not fall into the trap of expecting everything from your partner. Remember: your partner is only a human.

I know it’s not easy to remain positive at all times, especially if you are a highly sensitive person or if you struggle with mental health. But the good news is just because this is difficult does not mean it can’t be done. Be the strong person in your environment. Choose better thoughts whenever you can. This will make you healthier, happier and more satisfied. Your girlfriend is the lucky woman who gets to spend time with you. How cool is that?!

No, you don’t need to pretend that you do not have any issues or deny your emotions and feelings. You can accept how you feel and then decide which tone should dominate your romantic relationship. 😊

  • How to work on your mindset and improve your romantic relationship:

Firstly, you should pay attention to your patterns in life. Self-awareness is so key! Begin to notice when your depression, anger or anxiety rises and what triggers that. You may keep a journal if you don’t know what causes negativity in your head. For instance, I know that if I don’t sleep well at night, I become anxious or irritated the next day. That’s why I can manage my feelings by going to bed early.

Secondly, realize that you can choose your thoughts. Note that your thoughts are actually optional. You can only dwell on something if you choose to do that. You do not have to keep thinking about something that upsets you. Negative thoughts are simply thoughts; they are not real. Negative thoughts are usually projections of your fear into your future and probably has nothing to do with your present moment.

Thirdly, you can even write yourself a letter to remind yourself of what you’re working on. And then you simply set very clear intentions. Let’s say you oftentimes argue with your girlfriend when it comes to which restaurant you should go to for dinner. Next time when you are about to go out for dinner with her, you should repeat this in your head, “We will have a good time tonight. We will enjoy ourselves and laugh.” In other words, you decide how things will work out before the event happens. You are the person who sets the tone first. Then you will walk into the situation feeling invincible because you are in control. It’s not complicated, and you can do it! Keep thinking strong and powerful thoughts!

  • Be grateful to your Russian woman.

Look, you can’t be angry and grateful at the same time. That combination never works. Whenever you are mad, simply take a deep breath and list what you are grateful for in your life. This exercise will instantly change how you feel and help you get bigger perspective.

What’s more, do not take things personally. Your girlfriend is doing what she can with what she knows right now. She is not perfect because she is a human.

“Be more compassionate and have some empathy. Then your love life will be more beautiful.”