To Be Real Or Not To Be: Using Fake Names On Dating Sites

WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER USE A FAKE NAME ON DATING SITES? This is probably the most argued topic online: to be real or not to be real? Why? Because online privacy has not been taken seriously time and time again. There are numerous accounts in which people get their identities stolen. Plus, there are a lot of bad people out there who only use their expertise in technology as a mean to steal, cheat, and lie. So, why should you, [...]

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The Worst Things a Man Can Say in His Online Dating Profile

Picture this: A man walks into a club and then each and every single woman holds her breath. His stride oozes an aura of confidence that is reminiscent of a fairy tale prince who will save a damsel in distress in a heartbeat. He has a smile that women dream of waking up to. His lips are the kind that spouts the most romantic words that have the power of weakening women’s knees. He has five o’clock shadow that highlights [...]

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Save Yourself: Protect Yourself From Online Dating Fraud

WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER USE A FAKE NAME ON DATING SITES (RDI)? There are countless men, and yes even women, who sign up on our site daily. Both of these sexes are looking for one thing, to increase the possibility of meeting their perfect match. But, sometimes, they also reason that they sign up to increase their selection of prospective men and women. Nonetheless, one main thing that you should look for in an online dating site is protection. Even though [...]

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Finding Happiness and Love After A Divorce; Online Dating Tips

We’re not here to remind you of the bitter end, we’re here to show you the start of a new beginning. Whether or not you’re the one emotionally affected by the divorce, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re happy. However, what if your version of happiness is having someone to love you? This is considering that you’re recently divorced with three kids. Plus, you’re stuck paying the alimony. In this process, you may be looking for something or [...]

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Impressing Single Russian Ladies By Being The Best You

Single Russian Ladies are notorious for taking pride in their intellectual capacities. They prize getting to know intelligent peers, and would prefer to be surrounded by smart, educated, and well-read individuals. As an average Joe on the lookout for a Russian girl to have and to hold, how do you sweep her off her feet, then? Hold your ground. According to this guide by Château Heartiste, a man must persevere through a Russian girl’s defiant stance. Once a man shows [...]

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