Russian women are generally very elegant, so they expect their men to be elegant gentlemen as well. Here are some useful tips that will surely help you to become more elegant in record time!

  • Find a good example.

The easiest way to learn something is to find a good example first. That means you will need to find someone who is already elegant and imitate his style as well as the way he operates. For example, a friend of mine recently discovered George Peppard and he has been watching George Peppard’s movies and TV shows in order to imitate the way George talks and walks. Now the way my friend carries himself is already different! 😊

I have a client who admires Roger Sterling (the ad man from Mad Men). I told him to imitate Roger Sterling’s elegant style because a good example doesn’t have to be a real person. In fact, a fictional character can be a great example as well.

Frankly, I wouldn’t say Roger Sterling is perfect. But I’d say this: Roger Sterling always chooses respect whenever he faces a dilemma. Therefore, his value system is quite admirable and that looks very elegant, in my opinion. 😉

My neighbor is a 35-year-old guy who thinks Darren Hayes is a good example, even though my neighbor isn’t gay. Interestingly, after imitating Darren Hayes for a few weeks, my neighbor has changed a lot. Now even his voice has become warm and tender! Clearly, Darren Hayes must be a pretty good example for my neighbor. As I’m typing this post right now, my neighbor is dating a high-caliber Russian woman that he absolutely adores.

Last night I was talking with my cousin who is a 34-year-old man looking for a Russian lady. He told me that some good examples are in real life rather than on TV or in movies, so he doesn’t consider learning from a celebrity. Instead, he is going to learn from his mentor who is a very elegant gentleman.

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  • What elegant gentlemen wouldn’t do:

First and foremost, elegant gentlemen wouldn’t bully women. That means elegant men treat women very well because they respect women. If a man threatens a woman, that usually means he is actually very scared, so he has to threaten her in order to make himself feel more secure. A smart woman could see that through quickly and would know that’s not a high-caliber man.

Second, elegant gentlemen wouldn’t lie to women. Women are very intuitive and intelligent because their intuition is very strong and accurate. What’s more, most women’s memory is pretty good. If you lie to a woman once, you will have to come up with other lies to cover it up. That’s why you shouldn’t lie to women in the first place.

Third, elegant men wouldn’t live on women’s hard work. More specifically, an elegant man would have his own career and wouldn’t rely on his wife financially. Thus, if you expect your wife to respect you, you must have your career and be capable & independent first.

  • What elegant men would do:

In the first place, elegant men who can attract Russia ladies are effective communicators. By that I mean they can communicate with their women effectively and clearly. They set boundaries well and do not have their boundaries crossed or standards violated. Yes, in a marriage, there are boundaries, too.

In the second place, elegant gentlemen are visionary people. That means they don’t sit on the couch and watch TV all day every day. Instead, they have a vision; they pursue their goals. Without a blueprint, a man’s spiritual world is dull and empty.

Last but not least, elegant gentlemen prioritize their love lives. Yes, careers are important, but a successful career is not meaningful if a guy has nobody to share his success with. As a result, a switched-on and elegant man would treat his wife well and prioritize his family life.

“In order to attract a high-caliber Russian woman, you have to be an elegant gentleman.”