If you meet a Russian bride online, perhaps this relationship starts as a long-distance relationship. They key to maintain a long-distance relationship is the joint vision that you share with her.

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  • Say this to her, “I need you to be strong for me.”

If this long-distance relationship is difficult for her, you should contact her every second day or so. Keep the momentum.

Then you must apply a visa for her so that you can get married soon. As long as this relationship is genuine, her visa can be granted pretty quickly.

  • Show her a better model of marriage.

Tell your Russian bride that being married to you is a great decision. Say this to her, “We can make this possible.” You have to be the strongest, biggest person in her peer group, and then she will look forward to being with you forever.

Your self-worth comes from unconditional self-love. What makes you worthy? Your traits lead to your achievements in life. Now the question is how to love yourself and how you perceive yourself.

The first half of a successful relationship is knowing how to treat someone else. The second part is having the courage to demand the treatment you want. Most people are good at one and not the other.

Perceived challenge is not giving yourself to someone whenever they want without them having committed. And there are four elements that create perceived challenge:

  • Maintain the importance of other areas of your life until she proves her importance by her willful investments in you. Adjust the importance of the other areas of your life by how much she invests, not by how much you like her. You have to train your Russian bride when it comes to how to love you in the right ways.
  • Make her view you as someone she has to attain. Go at your own pace in this relationship.
  • Be able to break rapport with a woman in moments where you don’t agree with what she has said.
  • Show you are someone who is in demand and desired by other people when you are single. Of course, since you are marrying your Russian bride, perhaps No. 4 doesn’t apply to you!

Remember: it’s dangerous to create an image of something that isn’t there in someone – giving someone qualities she hasn’t earned or demonstrated yet isn’t a smart move. We have to see people for what they are, not worse than they are, but not better than they are either. When you make this distinction between reality and projection, you lose the fear of feeling as if your dream lady is at stake as the onus is still on her to prove herself. You can’t be afraid to wreck something that isn’t there yet.

  • Grounding principles that everyone needs:

First and foremost, you must have standards. There really isn’t anything more important in showing your worth. Something that really increases both perceived challenge and perceived value is standards – showing someone has to live up to you.

In the second place, relationships are about consistency. One of the hardest things to do is to maintain the consistency of your loving actions in a relationship regardless of your mood. Your ability to maintain a certain level of energy, happiness, generosity and mood is key.

Thirdly, you have to be willing to do the work. Note that a relationship is hard work. It requires your effort.

Next, the way you make someone see you as long-term is by demonstrating you are not particularly interested in messing around. This shows your Russian bride that you are husband material. This also increases your perceived challenge as she has to earn her place in your future vision. You don’t have to explicitly say what you want, but this doesn’t mean you should shy away from the truth when it comes up.

Instead of asking your Russian wife to focus on you, focus on yourself. What turns a woman on about a high-value man is that he is independent of her. When a marriage becomes stale, the first thing you can do is to get that “spark” back to shift your focus and energy back onto yourself. You have to develop interests outside your wife. Russian ladies often find a man who has passionate interests and activities of his own to be more exciting. They don’t have to be things she is interested in necessarily. Please note that the more independent you are of her, the more interested she will be.

When a relationship becomes stale, you should alter the routine. It’s essential when renewing the mental challenge to alter the routine that she has become accustomed to. When the mental challenge is gone, the routine becomes predictable and she is on “automatic pilot”. Your Russian wife’s mind can drift elsewhere because she isn’t sufficiently stimulated by you. So, you have to let the stimulation continue.

As Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” But how? By altering the pattern entirely. Give no attitude and no complaints. Instead of having a date night every Tuesday, make the schedule random. Random means your Russian wife shouldn’t be able to predict like clockwork when she will have a date night with you.

No matter you are dating or married, you have to renew the mental challenge and alter the pattern. Whenever your Russian wife seems complacent, just alter the pattern. Married women often wait for a man to come home from work. You may want to alter that pattern by asking her to meet you in a coffeehouse at 5:10pm.

Don’t give reward for bad behavior. Men often make the mistake of going down the beaten path of catering to a woman, even when feeling taken for granted.

She simply won’t respect a man who automatically goes into overdrive to please her. Sometimes changing the routine is a matter of changing the dinner agenda. At other times, it is a matter of changing the times or dates of your little rendezvous.

Don’t tell her your whereabouts for every moment of the day. If she calls you on your cell phone, don’t always rush to pick up. If she calls on the phone, don’t go out of your way to answer it. Let her leave a message. If you live together, leave and go have some fun. And stay out a couple of hours longer than she expected. If she always expects you home at a certain time, come home a little later. The second your Russian lady doesn’t know where her man is, she will come looking for you. She has an inborn drive that is very territorial over you. But if you try too hard, you won’t tap that hunger. She will be satiated and that means you won’t leave her wanting more. Often the best way to adjust or fix a problem is by not letting her know it’s being fixed. When you alter your availability or change a predictable pattern or routine, it will mentally pull her back in.

 “A sense of humor is a great quality. A sense of humor is more than just finding something funny to say; it’s about an individual’s composure.”